Media Loves Romney Brit 'Gaffes,' Forgets All About Obama's

-By Warner Todd Huston

All day Wednesday the Old Media establishment was going gaga over the “gaffes” that presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney supposedly committed on his overseas tour. But all the many gaffes Obama committed with our allies — especially the Brits — were conveniently absent from any of the coverage.

The list of jabs at Romney grew by the hour throughout the day. From assumptions that Romney forgot the name of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, to his spilling of the beans about a meeting with British Intelligence (usually these meetings are kept hush-hush) to a back and forth of jabs about the Olympics opening this week in London, both the British and American press were quick to give Romney the back of a hand.

Of course, few Old Media outlets noted that Obama, too, has had his troubles, especially with the Brits.

Here is a list of just a few of those Obama gaffes that were left out of the picture during Thursday’s coverage.

There were many more than this, of course, but these serve as a great reminder of Obama’s major gaffes, nonetheless. Not that the Old Media would remind us of any of this, of course.

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