EXCLUSIVE: Illinois Voters Can Help Stop The Coming Taxmageddon

-By Warner Todd Huston

Attention Illinois voters: call your congressman and tell him that you want to stop the President’s tax hike on small businesses so they can help begin to turn this disastrous economy around. And as voters we should also press those vying to upset sitting congressmen on this question, too.

Sometime this week the House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. 8, the Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012. This bill is intended to stop things like Obama’s time bomb of a 4.3 trillion tax hike over 10 years, well-known as Taxmageddon.

We can do something about this in the Land of Lincoln. As the American Action Network notes, Illinois residents need to tell Illinois liberals in Congress to let small businesses “compete for the gold.”

“This week liberals in Congress are faced with a pivotal decision: block this tax hike and allow small businesses to compete for the ‘gold’ or force more of the same crippling policies that will further weaken the economy and our place in the global market. After four years of tax increases and an unemployment rate still above 8 percent, American families and small businesses cannot afford another 700,000 jobs lost,” said Brook Hougesen of the American Action Network.

The advocacy group recently investigated the coming tax hike on small business and found that, “over the longer term there would be permanently impaired incentives for small businesses to hire and invest.” This, of course, will kill any possible recovery.

So, one has to wonder if Democrat candidates like Tammy Duckworth (8th District) or Bill Foster (11th District) will side with America’s job makers, America’s economic engine, America’s small businesses, or will they will side with Obama and his anti-business crusade? Where do Duckworth and Foster stand on Taxmageddon?

This has to be the central question for the 2012 election cycle. Democrats seem dead set on killing any economic recovery before it’s born. So, what do their congressional candidates think about this?

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