Was Illinois GOP 'Paid Off' to Vote for Obamacare?

From William J. Kelly…

Angry about the Illinois GOP’s vote on Obamacare?

Chicago, IL – Republicans, conservatives, and tea party activists are livid over the betrayal of trust in last week’s sneaky move by some in the State GOP leadership to vote to implement ObamaCare two years early inIllinois. Read about the dirty Arlen Specter-style scheme here at Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform.

However, the real question is not: how did this happen? But why?

Perhaps the answer can be found by looking at the relationship between major Democrat campaign donors and the Illinois GOP Party establishment.

Over the last few weeks, Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform (ICER) has reported on a very disturbing pattern: The Griffins – major campaign bundlers to Barack Obama ($230,000) and Rahm Emanuel ($200,000) – donors who worked for George Soros – funding the Illinois Republican Party and other so-called “conservative” groups…

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