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This week’s guest: Susan Sweeney, Republican candidate for State Representative – 55th District.

Susan brings a commitment to creating jobs for Illinois to her campaign. From her experience as a client manager for IBM, she understands the difficult time employers in this state are having in creating and maintaining high-quality jobs, an she’s prepared to use those same skills to advocate for her taxpaying constituents in the 55th District. She is a single parent of three children, a certified substitute teacher, and an advocate for special needs children


Should public sector unions be abolished?: “I think really government works better without them. I really do,” said Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace on June 10. He’s right. Public sector unions really serve no purpose other than to suck up dwindling taxpayer resources to pay for lavish pension and health benefits that threaten to sink state and local governments into insolvency. Consider the facts.

Pension Reform: What to “Diminish” and “Impair”: What the constitution does not guarantee is every other employee benefit paid for by the taxpayer for the benefit of the public employee working and retired. Therefore it only makes sense that we taxpayers “diminish and impair” other employee and retiree benefits in order to pay for that which is not “diminishable” or “impairable” namely pensions.

Quinn’s Pension Reform: Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: Once more we see the fecklessness of Illinois politicians in their phony, unworkable so called “solutions” to the pension problem. The current flavor of the day is Gov. Quinn’s. There is only one solution that will work over time and will spare our children and grandchildren (at least the ones who have not moved to other states by the time they reach adulthood):RETIRE THE PENSION SYSTEMS.


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