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This week’s guest is IL GOP National Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte.

As National Committeewoman since 2008, Demetra DeMonte has worked non-stop for the Illinois Republican Party, traveling to virtually every one of its 102 counties. She has attended hundreds of events, meetings, speaking engagements and fundraisers, and has assisted party officials, volunteers and activists as they help our candidates. She has developed successful working relationships with county chairmen, coalition partners, and tea party organizations. In January 2011, Demetra was elected Secretary of the Republican National Committee having earned the respect and trust of her peers due to her hard work, enthusiasm and passion for the Republican cause.


Wisconsin’s Act 10 is saving taxpayers big: A recent report from the Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research analyses Gov. Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Act, otherwise known as Act 10. Findings show that this measure has saved taxpayers big, has helped many bodies of government begin to solve their economic problems, and has saved jobs.

How political untouchable Patrick Fitzgerald became U S Attorney in Chicago: Politicians were dancing and singing all along the Chicago Wayon Wednesday, after U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald announced he would step down. Patrick Fitzgerald, the political untouchable who terrified the bipartisan Combine that runs Illinois, spent nearly 11 years fighting corruption and crime here.

Sarah Gough- How to Win Elections: As the Illinois State Executive Director for American Majority, Sarah Gough trains many activists and candidates each year in communities across the state to be catalysts for authentic change in government.


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