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This week on Champion Talk Radio: Illinois Pension Scam with Bill Zettler

Bill Zettler was trained as a software engineer and has spent the last 40 years designing software ranging from war games to a variety of financial and statistical applications. Since 1983 he has owned William Zettler and Associates, a software and IT company based in Prospect Heights, IL.

Currently Zettler is Director of Research for the Family Taxpayers Foundation and has researched and written over 150 articles on Illinois public salaries and pensions since 2005. He is the author of “Illinois Pension Scam”, available on-line at


Walker Wins Recal is Wisc; Deals Public Unions a Blow!: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker withstood a recall election Tuesday, dealing a blow to organized labor, unsettling President Barack Obama’s re-election strategy and signaling to Republican lawmakers across the nation that challenging government unions could pay political and fiscal dividends. Tuesday’s results are likely to reverberate in other state capitals as politicians struggle to address shrinking revenue and public-pension shortfalls without raising taxes on financially insecure citizens.

Representative Rants; Read the Bill!: See Illinois State Representative Mike Bost rant about politics as usual and Speaker Madigan’s absolute control over legislation suring today’s pension reform discussion.

Two Legislative Victories for Illinois Schools: All of us, citizens and elected representatives alike, need to be discerning about how bills may in the future be interpreted and applied. We need to think critically about whether proposed bills are necessary; about their sponsors and promoters; and about the arguments and evidence (or lack thereof) used to defend them during floor debates.


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