Obama: No, Obamacare is Not a Tax -- Supreme Court: Yes It Is

Obama is a liar. With Obamacare, Obama just implemented the biggest tax hike in human history.


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  • Yes, Obama is a liar. No surprise there.

    No surprise, either, that the door has now opened to making every behavior a taxable event.

    No surprise, further, that nearly all the posters are gleeful in the idea that ObamaCare will become the unimpeded law of the land. Everybody will get care, right? Wrong, but the true believers want to think otherwise. Hey, their religion is statism.

    Years from now, when ObamaCare morphs into single payer and then into the dismal failure that all socialist, utopian ideas become, the lies will still be told -- old Pravda style-- about how great ObamaCare is and how wise Judge Roberts was.

    We get what we deserve.

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