Mike Madigan’s 11 Favorite Republicans

-By Doug Ibendahl

Mike Madigan is having a nice chuckle today at the expense of the Illinois Republican Party. That’s assuming of course Mike Madigan even thinks about the Illinois Republican Party.

My sense is Madigan worries about the Illinois GOP to the same extent the eagle worries about the sparrow.

Over the weekend at the Illinois Republican State Convention in Tinley Park the Illinois GOP had an historic opportunity to make a big advance and to get back on track. Our Party had the chance to become a respectable force again, one that could maybe some day compete with Mike Madigan and the Democrats in Illinois.

Our Party had the opportunity over the weekend to get serious instead of just relying on Party Chair Pat Brady whose idea of politics seems confined to childish name calling and gimmicks. Yesterday Brady called Madigan a “self-serving leprechaun.” Yes, that will definitely drive a lot of voters to the polls for Republican candidates. The Irish voters especially I’m sure.

A resolution to restore real elections for the members of the State Central Committee was on the table in the Platform and Resolutions Committee which met on Friday.

A majority vote of 10 “ayes” were needed to pass the resolution out of that committee and on to the convention floor on Saturday where the entire delegation could have once and for all decided whether Republican voters should again be allowed to directly elect the members of the State Central Committee, the senior governing board that runs our Illinois Republican Party.

Unfortunately the delegates didn’t even get the chance to be part of history. Delegates could one day have told their grandchildren that grandpa and grandma had a leadership role in returning the Illinois Republican Party to Republican voters. Delegates could have could have proudly patted themselves on the back for being the biggest energizing force in Illinois GOP politics since Reagan….

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