Illinois Congressmen on Obamacare Ruling

-By Warner Todd Huston

As hard as it is to believe, Illinois has a pretty large contingent of Republican Congressmen roaming the halls of Washington DC. Not surprisingly they have an awful lot to say about the disastrous Obamacare decision.

First up is Peter Roskam (6th District). Roskam is the Majority Chief Deputy Whip in congress and Illinois’ most influential Republican Congressman.

“The Supreme Court’s ruling examined the Constitutionality of the health care law, but the Justices could not take into account the practicality or effectiveness of a government takeover of our health care system and one-sixth of our economy—on that score, the verdict was in long ago.

“The American people are disappointed in this law and fearful of its full effects because so far, the rhetoric does not match up to the reality. Remember when the president said, ‘If you like what you have, you can keep it?’ Some estimates say up to 30 percent of employers will definitely drop their employee health coverage, forcing many into state exchanges.

“Remember when we were promised the law would lower costs? Family premiums have already increased by 9 percent, with costs predicted to rise for years to come. And what of the promise that the law would bend the cost curve down? Recent studies show that government spending is expected to explode to half of all health care spending in the United States. One of the few promises that came true was when then Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, ‘We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it.’

“President Obama’s takeover not only made our health care system more complex and expensive, but stalled our already tepid economic recovery by creating tremendous uncertainty for job creators and small businesses.

“The House of Representatives is as committed as ever to full repeal of the disastrous health care law, and replacing it with common-sense, patient-centered solutions that families can afford. The American people deserve better than what President Obama’s health care law provides. We can do better and we will do better.”

Congressman Joe Walsh is running for reelection to the 8th District and is well-known as a stalwart conservative.

“Today, I, along with most Americans, am disappointed with the Supreme Court decision. It is now clear that the only way to repeal this law is legislatively,” Walsh said. “Today’s decision only affirms what we have known all along – the President’s health care plan is a massive tax increase. The President insisted that his health care plan would not cost the American people anything, but that is just untrue. To be clear, this is not a tax on wealthy Americans who already have insurance. This tax hits the 44 million uninsured Americans, who are already struggling and cannot afford to pay more hard-earned income in taxes.

“The American people deserve a choice in their health care plans, not government mandates. The President’s health care plan is an unworkable mega-bill that will destroy small businesses, kill jobs, stunt economic growth, and bankrupt the nation.

“My opponent, Tammy Duckworth, a true tax-and-spend liberal, supports this new tax on the Middle Class. In fact, not only does Tammy support the President’s current tax and spend health care plan, but she is on record supporting a single-payer socialized system. I, however, will make it my top priority to repeal this massive tax increase and the President’s entire health care plan.

“As a new member of Congress, I turned down my gold-plated Congressional health care plan. Instead, I chose to buy my insurance on the open market, and I know firsthand how difficult it is to find affordable, quality health insurance. The Supreme Court’s decision has finally ended the debate in Washington. The American people will decide where we get from here.”

Next up is 10th District Congressman Robert Dold.

“While this ruling speaks to the constitutionality of the ACA, the real question is whether the 2010 law makes for good public policy,” said Congressman Dold. “The American people missed a golden opportunity with health care reform when Congress rushed it through on a partisan basis. I believe that properly confronting the big issues and challenges in this country requires input from both sides and bipartisan support. There are positive provisions in the ACA that should remain as law, but there is more we can do to increase quality and access to care, while reining in skyrocketing costs to the health care system. As health care reform continues to take shape, I am committed to working in a bipartisan way to find positive solutions to the rising costs of health care.”

“The ACA has dramatically changed the way physicians in America provide health care in a manner which decreases access and quality of care, increases cost, and killed medical innovation,” said Dr. Richard Fessler, Chair of Rep. Dold’s Health Care Advisory Board. “We must continue to find opportunities to develop new approaches which will lower cost, improve quality, increase access to and stability of insurance and encourage medical innovation.”

“Today’s ruling is neither a victory or a defeat, but rather an opportunity to redefine our health care system with better input from both patients and physicians,” said Dr. Kennith Schmidt, member of Rep. Dold’s Health Care Advisory Board.

“As a physician, my patients are my first priority. The ACA promised more regulation of health care and more intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship, but no structural reforms to address the long term trend of spiraling health care costs that jeopardize the well-being of my patients,” said Dr. Alex Goldin, member of Rep. Dold’s Health Care Advisory Board.

11th District (soon to be 16th District) Representative Adam Kinzinger also had something to say about this odious decision.

“Since its passage, the Affordable Care Act has caused deep divisions over its constitutionality. While I respect the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, I am extremely disappointed that the Court has given unrestricted authority to the federal government to interfere in the personal lives of American families. This ruling upholds an additional 2.5 percent tax on hardworking Americans on top of the tax increases that already exist in this health care law.

“I have voted 40 times to fully repeal the government takeover of health care, block the individual provisions, or defund certain programs. The question we must ask ourselves now is whether President Obama’s newly designed health care system is feasible. The Administration promised that the legislation, if passed, would control rising health care costs while deficit neutral. However, we now know those claims were false.

“The path toward affordable health care starts with allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines; providing reduced premiums for individuals and small businesses; protecting seniors and those with pre-existing conditions; allowing younger Americans to remain on their parent’s insurance; enacting real medical liability reform, which is a key element to lowering costs; and creating reforms that will protect the doctor-patient relationship.

“We must work expeditiously to enact real reforms that reduce bureaucracy, does not bypass free market principles, and provide Americans with improved and affordable options when choosing their health care.”

The 14th Congressional District also have a Republican in Washington. Randy Hultgren made his feelings known of the Roberts debacle this week, as well.

“Today, I’m disappointed for America. This entire law goes against American principles.

“Actions have consequences, we all know that. In this case the court has ruled that the government can tax you not only for choosing an action- moving to a certain neighborhood, earning a certain amount, or having a certain number of dependents- but for choosing inaction. This is unprecedented.

“Should we levy a special tax on individuals who don’t give to charity? Should we penalize families that don’t buy American built cars? As Chief Justice John Roberts points out, under this theory, the government could address the diet problem by ordering people to buy vegetables.

“To be clear, this is just one of many new taxes in the Affordable Care Act, which included over $525 billion in new taxes. Average family insurance premiums expected to increase by $2,100. 20 million Americans could lose their employer-sponsored healthcare. Worst of all, the employer mandate could destroy as many as 1.6 million jobs.

“This is a tax increase cloaked as healthcare reform. In this economic environment, I think that’s a shame.”

Don Manzullo is the outgoing 16th District Rep. But he’s not giving up too soon!

“The President’s health care law is wreaking havoc on our economy by surging health insurance costs for Americans, hiking taxes, and hurting the efforts of small employers to put Americans back to work. In fact, I have already heard from small business owners in northern Illinois who will either lay off workers or forgo new hires in order to stay below the 50-employee threshold that would require them to purchase costly insurance for their employees.

“Americans are rightfully concerned that their employer-provided health insurance is threatened with this new law, and they don’t want it. I will join with our leaders in the House and support full repeal of the President’s health care law and instead pursue reforms that will truly make health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans without destroying our economy and stifling job creation in America.”

So, there you have it. This is what some of the GOP Congressmen from Illinois think about the Obamacare ruling.

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