IL GOP Delegates Furious Over 'Rigged' Convention

From William J. Kelly…

KELLY TO GOP: Delegates Deserve their $50 Back

Chicago, IL – This weekend’s Illinois Republican Convention was anything but red, white, and blue. Sadly, there were no surprises at the Illinois GOP Convention; it was exactly as I expected it to be: political hypocrisy dressed up with signs and a few balloons.

No democracy in sight.

GOP Chairman Pat Brady took the stage, his arms flailing about House Speaker Michael Madigan, bemoaning Democrat corruption responsible for pay-to-play politics and out-of-control pensions threatening to bankrupt the state.

“We are under the thumb of a controlling, vindictive, ethically challenged, self-serving leprechaun, and I mean no disrespect to leprechauns, Speaker Mike Madigan,” railed Brady with Minority Leader Tom Cross looking on.

Then Brady compared Madigan’s Illinois to a “Third-world republic likeVenezuela.”…

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