Here’s How Direct Elections Will Revive a Lifeless Illinois GOP

By Doug Ibendahl

Another Illinois Republican State Convention is upon us. Illinois law requires both established parties to hold a convention every four years. This time there is an historic opportunity for regular Republicans to make their Illinois Party better.

Adoption of the resolution linked HERE will immediately return the Illinois Republican Party to Republican voters. This is a reform that’s long past due. Our lawmakers have failed to get the job done in Springfield via SB 35 (formerly SB 600). But the good news is regular Republicans voting as delegates can accomplish the same reform on their own in Tinley Park.

It’s time to set the record straight once and for all on direct elections. Here are just some of the major reasons why we need to restore real elections for the entire State Central Committee.

Our current system has been a massive failure. Illinois as been a Blue State ever since the Illinois Republican Party was taken away from Republican voters. The last time Illinois won for the Republican presidential nominee was 1988. George H.W. Bush not only won the state that year, he even carried several Chicago wards. Not coincidentally that was the last time we had a directly elected State Central Committee. Rank-and-file Republicans had their right to vote taken away by the bosses that same year. Illinois has gone for the Democratic presidential nominee every year since, typically by a large margin….

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