Half-Wit Hollywood Hottie: Hey Obama, Fire This Cop That Pulled Me Over

-By Warner Todd Huston

One-time Disney cutie Amanda Bynes was pulled over for drunk driving in Hollyweird this week. What was her reaction to this personal low? She thinks Obama should fire the cop that pulled her over.

No… seriously.

As soon as she was arrested, like every mind-numbed Obamaite she took to Twitter to demand that her messiah come to her aide.

Well, why not? After all, when Obama was immaculated his supporters imagined that their mortgages and rent would be free and he’d give them all sweet, no-show government jobs. Even Saint Obama himself said that the sea levels would fall with his election and his clownish vice president said that cancer would be cured if O won the White House.

This sort of religious-like belief in the omnipotence of a mere president is so entirely un-American. But aside from the cultural rot it evinces, it is also immoral to imagine that a political leader should be so all powerful. Would you want a president that has the power to fire a county sheriff for making a properly legal arrest for drunk driving? Is that really the sort of power that you want a prez to have??

That isn’t democracy, that isn’t American. It is totalitarian. But, that is how the left thinks. They are totalitarians at heart.


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  • I thought she would be able to talk her way out of a ticket, but taking a look at that mug shot.....no.....she needs to lose some weight (off her face).

  • Unless the cop was female, the time-honored way of escaping a ticket for females (crying) should be enough, but we now live in the Age of Obama, where even tears and excuses of the husband "killing" her for getting a ticket, have to become a federal case to be handled by a federal program.

  • i do not understand the vitriol for Obama supporters. I find it insulting, we are not all sheep, some of us made informed decisions some of us were hoping for a difference than what Bush left us with. We are not all mind numbed idiots. Bynes is a foolish celebrity and not a great representative of Democrats. With the parade of fools the Republicans roll out year after year is it any wonder why they are not viable options? Politicians forgot years ago who they work for, young people are jaded by politics because we all know that in the end we do not have a voice. That is the sad reality.

  • In reply to Patrick O’Hara:

    The vitriol is not for the ordinary Obama voter, who ate up utopian "hope and change" like soon-to-be-banned buttered popcorn, though somebody running for the highest office in the US on vague platitudes should be a clue to a person who THINKS that there was not much EVIDENT there there.

    We now know that Obama meant what he said: he wanted to fundamentally transform the US into the collectivist dreams of his father. Oh, well. Maybe this represent you, Mr. O'Hara, so who knows? Maybe you are upset because the wealth of the nation has not been spread as fast as the ketchup on Michelle's fatty hamburgers?

    As far as having a choice, I suggest that you do, no matter what your politics. Witness the Wisconsin Miracle. It was not utensil banging Occupy thugs, along with bused in union help, that changed things there, not with Walker's margin of victory.

    Live and learn. Some lose the youthful liberal dreams and pay their bills and their crushing taxes, and some, who have skated through life --Barack and Michelle Obama-- never do, because they never have DONE.

    Hang in there, Patrick. The old "no voice" argument has been around since about 1789 or so.

  • In reply to Patrick O’Hara:

    Richard is right, Patrick. I am not saying EVERY person that voted for Obama is a mind numbed robot. Only those that seem to have sold their soul to him.

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