Free Government Cell Phones Up 429% Under Obama

From the Illinois Tea Party…

Freedom is not free, but your cell phone could be. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reports that in 2008 107,715 Illinois residents took advantage of a federal government program that provides free cell phones. Last year, 569,635 people in Illinois took advantage of the program, an astronomical increase of 429%. 13 million people around the country are currently on the program. Of course, these cell phones are not free and the bills are not being paid by Obama money. Money for the program is not coming from Obama’s stash, it’s coming from taxpayers.

Watch the ABC 7 Chicago Report

Congressman Joe Walsh told ABC 7, “There’s no need or no reason for the government to be doing this and it just teaches the wrong lesson to folks that they don’t have to be responsible for this.”

Jermaine Thomas has seen the pop-up tents handing out “free” cell phones and calls it “a darn shame”. Jermaine is a social worker living on the South Side of Chicago and is part of the Chicago Tea Party.

“I’m outraged at the welfare mentality and the government dependency the government presses upon our people. The phones aren’t free and somebody has to bear the cost, and that’s me and millions of other taxpayers,” Jermaine said.

“Now isn’t this state broke and could that money be put to better use?” Jermaine asked.

Tammy Duckworth did not respond when we contacted her campaign for her position on the program. Duckworth is running against Congressman Walsh in Illinois’ 8th District. We asked if she supports the 429% increase in the program. We asked her if she supports continuing the program and if she believes taxpayers should pay for cell phones for people who already own cell phones.

Tammy Duckworth did not respond to our questions. No one else from the campaign wanted to answer the questions either. We welcome her response and will post it if we ever receive it.

Yes, that is a woman in an SEIU t-shirt with her own cell phone waiting in line to receive a free cell phone provided by taxpayers. When ABC 7 Chicago’s Ben Bradlee asked her why she needs taxpayers to pay for her phone when she already has one she replied, “I could stop paying for it.”

Where do the rest of us get in line to stop paying for wasteful government programs that are bankrupting our country?

We need to make sure to get in line to vote November 6. We can’t afford to pay for four more years of this.

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