For Our Children's Future Calls on Chicago Public School Teachers to Consider the Children Instead of Themselves for a Change

(Round Lake, IL – June 13, 2012) For Our Children’s Future calls on the Chicago Public School Teachers to consider the children instead of themselves for a change. Education is the key to the future, and a strike deprives the students of this education.

Our first goal should always be to make decisions for the betterment of our children’s future. To authorize a strike in an attempt to get 30% pay raises is obscene. This not only hurts the students, but the families that will be devastated by the accompanying tax increase. It will also affect all the young teachers striving to make a real difference in a child’s life due to the increase in teacher and staff layoffs.

We must restore fiscal sanity and sustainability to our local schools. To this end I ask teachers, staff and parents to adopt your local school district and learn how you can work for the betterment of all our children’s future. We must stand together to stop the self serving union leaders who care more about their power than the education of our children.

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