Democrats not filing a candidate in the 52nd

-By Jon Zahm

The Democratic Party Chairmen in the 52nd District have decided not to file a candidate, according to a well-placed source. It is a 57% Republican District. A conservative benefactor, who I will name “Ike,” told me that a pro-family Super-PAC has looked at this race to target.

They are pleased because they have decided it is going to be much easier to defeat Dee Liberal without a Democrat on the ballot. When the Super-PAC drops an estimated $2 million bucks in negative ads on Beaubien, she will have to respond. Her life and privacy will be just like a clear fishbowl. Ike says he likes a one on one race. A clear contrast between a conservative Republican businessman and a very liberal “independent” who was a country club Republican for years, but shares many views with the left wing of the Democratic Party. A true believer versus a chameleon? That is an easy choice for the voters.

Originally posted at Don’t Elect Dee Beaubine.

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