Dee Beaubien - Auditioning for Madigan’s Caucus

-By Jon Zahm

In the event that lightning strikes and by some miracle she wins…Dee Liberal won’t even answer the question of whether she will vote for the Democrat Speaker Mike Madigan- the 42 year political lifer from Chicago, or Republican Tom Cross, when the House reorganizes after the November election.

Reports from the field earlier today indicate sightings of Madigoons from Chicago making the rounds in Barrington trolling for signatures for Beaubien. This is not surprising as the Democrats refused to file an opponent for the 52nd District. This way the Democrats can tell their voters to support Beaubien, Madigan’s new BFF.

I will be watching the different committees that Madigan controls to see when/if the support for Beaubien starts to show on the campaign finance paperwork. Not reporting this help, even if the in-kind variety. can lead to serious legal and ethical problems.

Madigan needs more votes in the House for his Quinn/Madigan property tax shift proposal where the suburbs and downstate will bear bigger burdens under a new pension funding system than Cook County and the City of Chicago.

We have already seen how Dee and her posse can work with the Madigan led State House to get Mano a Mano, the illegal immigrant enabling organization, the taxpayer paid cash they need to stay open.

Will this northwest suburban district give their seat to Chicago and Madigan with Dee as proxy? I doubt it, but they don’t have any other game plan going.

Originally posted at Don’t Elect Dee Beaubien.

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