Congressman Walsh Issues Statement on Jobless Claims and Foreclosures Increase

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

On Thursday, the Labor Department released the latest statistics showing 386,000 new jobless claims for the week ending on June 9. In addition to these numbers, May showed the first national increase in foreclosures since January 2010, while Illinois saw a 29% increase in foreclosures last month.

Congressman Joe Walsh stated, “These numbers are a continuing reminder that many Americans are still struggling to find work. This past month we’ve seen an increase in unemployment and with the number of Illinoisans losing their homes. These are serious times and we need to keep fighting for pro-job, pro-growth polices like keeping taxes low and getting our fiscal house in order in Washington.

“We see these sobering numbers each week, and Tammy Duckworth and the Democrats keep showing how out of touch they are with this American reality. This week, we saw the President proclaim the private sector is doing ‘just fine’ and Tammy Duckworth has rolled out a tongue-in-cheek endorsement from a 70’s ‘rock star’ that happens to be named Joe Walsh.

“While she’s planning concert parties with celebrities, I’ll keep fighting to keep taxes low as possible, balance the budget, and getting people in the 8th district back to work. It’s time to get serious about our problems and restore opportunity for families in the 8th district and across the Country.”

Walsh For Congress

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