Albracht Questions Ethics in Jacobs 'Racino' Vote

From the Albracht for Senate campaign…

In July 2009 the Dispatch-Argus quoted Senator Mike Jacobs as voting in favor of “Video Gambling” as a possible source of revenue to help build WIU. In the same article it was clear that Jumer’s Casino was against it.

Now the vote to put video gaming at East Moline Downs was given a thumbs up by Reps Morthland and Verschoore and thumbs down by Jacobs. Why? Is this a re-run of the Smart Grid legislation all over again? Is this yet another case in which Senator Mike carries the water for Jumer’s lobbyist and father Denny Jacobs?

This is precisely the conflict of interest that Senator LaHood tried to stem in his proposed bill to ban “family ties” in the Illinois legislature. The proposed legislation would have restricted former legislators from lobbying for one year and it would have provided “full disclosure” to the public on any bill where there is the appearance of impropriety, such as this one. It also would have provided an Ethics Task Force to investigate conflicts of interest such as this. Senator Jacobs and his father both are on record being against the Ethics Legislation proposed by Senator LaHood and it died in the majority controlled committee.

It is time for a change.

Bill Albracht – Candidate for the IL 36th Senate District

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