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In Celebration of Mothers this month, we bring you two “Momma Grizzlies” that are fighting for a better America and a better Illinois:

Carol Davis West Suburban Patriots- Carol grew up in a large Conservative family. However, as a single Mom with two young children, she was taken in by the Feminist movement and adopted many liberal views. It took a shocking movie about the abortion industry, “The Silent Scream” by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, to bring her back to her Conservative roots. The movie revealed how Liberals had been lying to women about abortion, an Carol began to see that Liberals were lying about many things. Since then, Carol has been fighting to protect our freedoms. She got involved in the Tea Party movement and in January 2010, began West Suburban Patriots with 2 other friends. She also works on Illinois Election Integrity.

Jackie Menconi -AWAKEN AMERICA Director of Operations- Jackie grew up on the mean streets of Chicago. Her father was a Democrat precinct captain and came from a solid Democrat family.. In her mid 40s, Jackie was a single mom raising two boys on her own as she built her real estate business. In addition, she ran and operated a successful family-owned delicatessen and catering business for 25 years. Realizing that today’s Democrat Party was NOT her daddy’s Democrat party, Jackie went to DC on 9/12/09 and was moved by the American TEA party movement. She realized she was losing the America she loved and her grandchildren’s future as well. Since then, she has been putting her entrepreneurial experience into being a successful conservative grassroots activi st


Yes, Public School Districts should Pay for Pensions My, my, there is certainly a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over Gov. Quinn’s proposal to ask the local school district’s to pay part of the cost of the pensions. Everyone both Democrat and Republican are against it. The concern is the increase in property taxes that might ensue from implementation. The total cost passed on to the school districts (called Normal Cost) would be about $750 million/yr. about 25% of the total required contribution. In other words taxpayers at the state level would still be on the hook for the vast majority of the cost.

Retired College Teacher with $152,000/Yr Pension Claims Pension Reform is Theft: Michael Corn, a retired college teacher, recently wrote a letter-to-the-editor at the Daily Herald equating the unfunded Illinois pension system with theft. And I agree it is theft but I would argue the thief is the public employee not the legislature or taxpayer as Mr. Horn claims.

The ‘War on Poverty’ has increased, not decreased dependency on government: As we fast forward to 2013, it should be apparent that the narcotic of “continued dependence on relief” has become more destructive than first feared byRooseveltback in 1935. Consider how our federal government is heralding a record number for food stamp distribution. Meanwhile, its Park Service Department is pleading “Do not feed the animals” because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and not take care of themselves. When chiding Newt Gingrich for calling Obama the “Food Stamp President,” Nancy Pelosi spoke of receiving food stamps as a “Badge of Honor.”


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