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CHAMPION NEWS TALK RADIO: This week’s guest is Dr. Barbara Bellar, GOP Candidate for State Senate- District 18

Dr. Bellar, a Chicago native. is a physician and a veteran Army major and a former Benedictine nun. While working full-time, she also completed her law degree, and has recently completed a Master’s degree in Bioethics and Health Policy. She is currently completing another Master’s in Public Health. She is also on the adjunct teaching faculty at DePaul University and continues regularly as adjunct faculty at Benedictine University. She is active in their church and volunteer in local community activities. Dr. Bellar has led a life of service in law, medicine, ethics, military, religion and education. She is a candidate for State Senate, District 18.

Free Our Kids from Arne Duncan: It should come as no surprise when President Obama says he sees much of the growth in support for same sex marriage as “generational,” with strong support coming from our youth. Attitudes reflect education. We have created a world in which it is illegal to teach youth in our public schools traditional religious values but it is not illegal to teach them competing values of nihilism, materialism, and relativism. And these competing values are actively promoted.

It Worked: While Wisconsin chose Walker, California and Illinois chose polar opposites. LikeWalker’s current recall opponent, those two un-Walker governors ran on empty feel-good rhetoric with no fiscal plan to offer voters. Once elected, they raised taxes, cut services, laid of workers, and laid the lumber to businesses with taxes, fees, fines, and regulatory looting. Both states have melted down, and their wealthy citizens and businesses are fleeing. That is what didn’t work – taxing and spending and debt and central control.


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