Tax and Spend Policies Lead to Weak Jobs Report

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

Schaumburg Ill. – Today Congressman Joe Walsh released to following statement on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics jobs report, showing weaker than expected job growth.

Walsh stated: “Today’s report shows unemployment remaining above 8% and our workforce participation rate being its lowest in 30 years. This is a clear indicator that President Obama and my opponent’s economic policies are failing Americans.”

“While Americans continue to struggle and face uncertainty, President Obama, Tammy Duckworth and the Democrats continue to try and place government before the job creator and enact policies that discourage private sector job growth. In fact, the situation has become so dire, that many Americans have simply given up looking for work, which drives the participation rate to these 30 year lows.”

“In Illinois, we have learned first hand for years that tax and spend policies do not work. In the wake of Illinois’ 67% income tax increase last year, Illinois’ unemployment rate increased the most in the nation. This election is about getting Americans back to work. I will fight to get government out of the way and get our fiscal house in order to create a sense of certainty among the American people.”

Walsh For Congress

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