Senator Kirk Comes Home 3 Months After Suffering Stroke

-By Warner Todd Huston

Good news from Senator Mark Kirk, his family, and doctors. Three months after suffering a shocking stroke, he is being released to his home.

In a statement released today, Kirk’s family are elated at his progress.

“We are happy to say that after suffering a stroke in January, Mark has progressed to the point where he can move home with his family.He will continue to work on his recovery as an out-patient at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He has begun a rigorous walking study program to further his mobility and independence while maintaining his schedule with staff.”

“We are grateful for the wonderful doctors and personnel at the RIC for their care of Mark, and to the residents of Illinois who have given him privacy and time to heal. We also thank everyone who has shared their prayers and wishes for his return to the U.S. Senate as soon as possible.”

On April 24, Dr. Richard L. Harvey, Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) Center for Stroke Rehabilitation related that his progress was going well.

“Senator Kirk remains fully engaged in all aspects of his rehabilitation program. He is mentally sharp, and meets with his staff nearly every day to discuss policy issues and global current events. Senator Kirk is working very hard in daily therapy sessions to increase his strength and mobility, and has walked more than 10 miles in total since his arrival at RIC. In addition he is climbing stairs and getting in and out of vehicles. We are quite pleased with his ongoing recovery.”

It was also announced that Kirk was taking part in what was termed “a unique research trial at RIC that will last several weeks.”

The trial is focused on improving gait pattern through an intense regimen of continuous walking over flat surfaces, on stairs and on a treadmill every day. One of more than 200 research projects at RIC, the trial is open to participants who are one to six months post-stroke and not yet back to their pre-stroke walking pace.

We here at the blog wish Kirk a speedy recovery.

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