Schilling Calls on Senate to 'Lead by Example'

From the campaign to reelect Bobby Schilling (Illinois 17th District)…

Senate once again fails to pass budget or propose alternative

EAST MOLINE, Ill.—With a unanimous 99-0 rejection of President Obama’s budget proposal, the U.S. Senate has now extended their streak of fiscal inaction to 1,114 days. Frustrated by the Senate’s refusal to lead, U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.) came forward today with a message for the upper chamber:

“If I can lead by example, so can you.”

“As elected officials, we are supposed to lead,” Schilling said. “We do that by setting an example. It’s time for Harry Reid and Dick Durbin to get their act together, put a pen to paper, and come up with their own budget proposal.”

Schilling highlighted his own record in his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives to make his point.

“I haven’t even been in Washington for two full years yet, and I’ve voted to pass two different budgets,” Schilling said. “On top of that, I voted to cut my office budget by more than ten percent, and I returned an additional $110,000 from my 2011 budget to the taxpayers.”

After Wednesday’s vote, the Senate has now unanimously rejected two iterations of President Obama’s budget and refused to bring two separate House budgets up for a vote. In fact, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in a July floor speech called voting on budgets a “waste [of] the Senate’s time.”

Last September, Schilling introduced H.Con.Res. 82, the Govern Before Going Home Resolution, which would prohibit the House or Senate from adjourning for any period three days or longer until they pass a budget for the current fiscal year. This would also apply to regular appropriations bills. He also co-sponsored the bipartisan No Budget, No Pay Act, a bill which would strip lawmakers of their salaries until they have passed a budget for the current fiscal year.

“I didn’t run for Congress to accept the status quo—I ran to change ‘business as usual’ in Washington,” Schilling said. “Passing a budget is one of the most basic duties of a responsible government. We have an obligation to get this done.”

Even with the No Budget, No Pay Act’s failure to pass, Schilling kept the pressure on both himself and his colleagues by voting to freeze congressional salaries for both fiscal years 2011 and 2012.

Schilling pointed to the STOCK Act as an example of an instance where bipartisan teams from both chambers of Congress can work together and do the right thing for the people.

“We can do this,” Schilling said. “We’ve made leading by example a priority, and I’m calling on the Senate to do the same.”

Bobby Schilling, a native of Rock Island, Ill., graduated from Alleman High School and attended Black Hawk College. Schilling, a local business owner, was elected to his first term in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010. Schilling rejected the congressional pension, turned down the congressional health care plan, and pledged to oppose all congressional pay increases. Schilling, who represents the Illinois 17th District, lives in Colona, Ill. with his wife and ten children.

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