Report from the Chair of the 13th CD Selection Committee

-By Jon Zahm

When I started this blog I expressed concerns of conflicts of interest with State Party Chairman Pat Brady serving as Chair of the committee. To his credit, Brady stood down and asked 18th CD State Central Committeeman Mike Bigger to serve as non-voting chair. He is a good choice. Bigger owns an insurance brokerage and is the elected Chairman of the Stark County Board, one county south of my home. His county is very small and does not have a lot of money. So Bigger and his colleagues on the Board now serve without pay. I respect that. I asked Bigger for an update on the process and he offered the following:

“I applaud the 14 county chairmen and all the candidates. All 14 chairmen have been involved and fully engaged in this process. They are all taking this appointment very seriously and giving it the thoughtful consideration the decision demands and deserves. Likewise, the candidates are passionate, engaged, and prepared. The voters of the 13th District can be proud of these chairmen and candidates. It is clear this is a group of people who love their party and country, and are committed to making them each better and stronger. I am convinced when the winner is announced Saturday it will be the best choice and we will all go forward excited, united, and determined to win in November. It has been an honor and a privilege for me to be involved in this process.”

I am confident that Bigger is an honest broker in this process.

Originallany posted at The Race for Congress in Illinois’ New 13th.

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