'Reese On The Radio' Explains Why His Rape Case Is Not Being Covered By The Media

The media eviscerated Reese Hopkins when it thought it had a black Republican it could destroy. When the case against him proved 100% false, suddenly the media went silent.

Mr. Hopkins describes what happened to him on his radio show…

When Reese Hopkins was arrested for rape (in 2008) there were 70+ stories covering the story. Reese explains why the story fell off the map in the media. Could there be a bias because he is an African American conservative and got a vote of 11-1 not guilty at trial.

The case is still ongoing. Yet, all those who covered the story in the begining are nowhere to be found. Where is the coverage now?

www.ReeseOnTheRadio.com (Anatomy of a False Rape Claim)


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