Put Illinois Taxpayers First: Pass Pension Reform

From Americans For Prosperity-Illinois…

Illinois politicians raised taxes last year by 67%, yet we still have the worst-funded pension system in the nation, with over $85 billion in unfunded liabilities. This problem exists because politicians in Springfield skipped pension payments, while also granting to their government union allies overly generous and unsustainable pension benefits that we cannot afford.

Tell your legislators to stand up for taxpayers by supporting pension reform!

Now, the payments for these pension benefits are crowding out funding for all other worthwhile state priorities. Whether you are a small business owner, a social service provider, a parent of school kids, a Medicaid beneficiary, or just a hard-working, taxpaying family, Illinois’ pension crisis is costing you big time.

The state’s unfunded obligation for generous worker pensions, like free health care and retirement at age 50, siphons billions away from state priorities like education. People in need and those who work hard to generate tax revenue only get the leftovers. That’s why we see state health care facilities closing, agencies that care for the needy going unpaid for years, while families and businesses get socked with huge tax hikes.

It’s time we reform state employee pensions so they are fair and affordable. Our state cannot afford these benefits any longer.

Contact your state legislator and tell them to support pension reform NOW!

If you would like more information on why Americans for Prosperity supports pension reform in Illinois, Click Here to read why we believe the taxpayers should come first.

AFP-Illinois fully supports pension reform and we hope you will ask your lawmaker to do so as well.


David From
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Illinois

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