Next Candidate to ‘Vote Off the Island’ in District 13‏: Sam Spradlin

-By Jon Zahm

I really like and respect truck drivers. It is a very important function in our economy, and the men and women who do it are important to the safety on our roads as well. I wish Sam Spradlin had gotten on the ballot in the Spring because his website indicated conservative positions on the issues and he may have out polled Firsching and Metzger. But the fact that he did not make it on raises serious viability doubts. As well, a 2011 story by Bernie Schoenburg raised some skeleton closet issues. So for these reasons I will vote him out tonight, leaving 5…Clarke, Davis, Doyle, Harold, and Wassink.

The Springfield Journal-Register is reporting that the committee, who met behind closed doors today with the 8, are down to Clarke, Davis, Harold and Wassink.

I will write again Sunday evening.

I have an unconfirmed report that Becky Doyle expressed pro-choice and pro-gun control positions today. Anyone have a verification or denial of that? Mrs. Doyle is welcome to comment directly.

Originally posted at The Race for Congress in Illinois’ New 13th.

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