Next Candidate to ‘Vote Off the Island’ in District 13‏: Frank Metzger

-By Jon Zahm

Retired ironworker, and current tree cutting business owner, Frank Metzger should be commended and recognized for his service in the Navy during Vietnam. He seems like a patriotic and sincere man. However, earning just 18% of the vote in the 2012 primary for the 13th does not demonstrate voter appeal. In a September 17,.2011 article in the Edwardsville Intelligencer, Metzger self-described as “socially liberal.” The Republican Party is a pro-life, socially conservative party. Metzger does not subscribe to these viewpoints and he failed to fill out the Illinois Family Institute’s survey on 10 key issues. I suggest he be eliminated from consideration for the appointment next. Now there are six. Check back tomorrow for the next person to be cut.

Originally posted at The Race for Congress in Illinois’ New 13th.

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