Next Candidate to ‘Vote Off the Island’ in District 13‏: Becky Doyle

-By Jon Zahm

Today I will end up reducing the field of 8 to the same field of 4 that Mike Bigger and his 14 member committee reduced down to on Saturday. In order to do this I have to strike former IL Ag Director Becky Doyle from consideration. Very little has been released about Ms. Doyle, and she has done virtually nothing to promote her credentials, but well placed sources have indicated to me that she was running from the moderate wing of the Republican Party, like her mentor former Gov. Jim Edgar. I could see the grassroots voters of the 13th District upset by a nominee who does not promote the conservative pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment beliefs of the popular elected officials in the area like Congressmen Schilling, Schock and Shimkus, and Senators McCann and McCarter.

So now we are down to Clarke, Davis, Harold and Wassink. I have been getting some good feedback via private Facebook message (Jon A. Zahm) and e-mail ( Keep your comments coming. I will protect your confidentiality if you wish, or quote you. if you wish.

Originally posted at The Race for Congress in Illinois’ New 13th.

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