Morrison Casts Tough Vote Altering Retiree Health Care

From State Rep. Tom Morrison (54th District)…

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) stood for fiscal responsibility today by casting a tough vote for Senate Bill 1313, which will likely alter the costs of state employee retiree health care benefits.

This legislation affects retired state employees but does not include teachers. While it does not directly take benefits away from retirees, it does put in place a mechanism that allows the Director of the Illinois Central Management Services, the body that administers the human resources to all state employees, to determine the criteria guiding premium payments on behalf of retired state employees.

“I firmly believe that these types of tough decisions need to be made,” Morrison stated. “The people of Illinois, including retirees, just can’t be lied to anymore with the notion that the state can handle providing generous benefits. It’s unfortunate, but it must be done.”

Currently, there are 78,000 retirees who pay no premium for healthcare. In addition, 7,400 pay a portion of their premium, and 36,000 dependents are enrolled but have premiums that do not cover the true cost of the health care benefit.

The bill passed the House 74-43 after a long and heavy debate and must still go through the Senate for consideration.

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