More Than 1.9 Million Illinois Seniors Could See Access to Care Shrink Under Foster's Government Healthcare Takeover

From the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)…

Illinois Democrat Sees Continuing Fallout After Voting for the Government Takeover of Healthcare

WASHINGTON — The 1.9 million seniors enrolled in Medicare in Illinois could soon find doctors’ appointments harder to come by if Bill Foster’s government takeover of healthcare is implemented as planned. Despite its growing unpopularity and drastic consequences, Foster readily stood with President Obama and then-Speaker Pelosi in pushing their government healthcare takeover into law (Roll Call #167, 3/21/10).

“Bill Foster’s government takeover of healthcare predictably has serious consequences for the 1.9 million seniors on Medicare in Illinois,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Foster’s big-government healthcare law would empower 15 bureaucrats to get between these seniors and their doctors, potentially denying care and increasing costs even further.”

There are currently 1.9 million seniors in Illinois relying on Medicare benefits. (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation,, Accessed 4/30/12)

The Democrats’ government takeover of healthcare could reduce access to care for Medicare enrollees, making wait times longer and doctors’ appointments more difficult to come by:

“The Independent Payment Advisory Board, created under the health care law to help control Medicare costs, lacks flexibility to do much more than cut provider payments that would lead to a reduction in access to care, witnesses told a House Ways and Means panel March 6…

“Dr. David F. Penson, testifying on behalf of the American Urological Association, noted that because PPACA prohibits IPAB from restricting benefits or changing eligibility criteria, ‘the board will be left with few options apart from making cuts to providers.’

“He warned, ‘These cuts could be driven so low that physicians will be forced to limit the number of Medicare beneficiaries they see, opt out of the Medicare program, or be driven out of practice altogether.’” (Ralph Lindeman, “IPAB Would Reduce Access to Care, Witnesses Tell Ways and Means Panel,” Bloomberg, 3/7/12)

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