Mike Madigan and Dee Beaubien BFF’s?

(Originally posted at Don’t Elect Dee.

Democrat kingpin Mike Madigan is one happy man knowing that Personal PAC and Equality Illinois, the biggest pro-abortion and peo-homosexual/transsexual rights groups in the state, are trying to qualify Dee Liberal for the ballot in the 52nd.

With David McSweeney a lifelong Reagan Republican, Madigan has no hope of crossover votes for the liberal Democrat agenda from him. But with Dee Liberal, the story is different. Check out Rich Miller’s Capitol Fax from April 9th…

Ms. Beaubien also refused to disclose which party she would seek to caucus with if elected, saying that caucuses traditionally invite independents to ally with them, not the other way around, and claimed that since she hasn’t yet collected 1,500 valid signatures it would be “presumptuous” to make such a decision now.

It looks like Madigan may not just have a friendly voting record from Dee Liberal, but maybe a full-fledged Democrat caucus member and vote for his re-election for Speaker.

After all Tom Cross did for her late husband, including making him an Asst. Majority Leader year after year, it would be a real backstab on her part to take Madigan’s side over Cross.

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