McHenry GOP Chairman Now Trying to Thwart Will of his OWN Committeemen?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The effort to get the McHenry GOP to give its stamp of approval to Tonya Franklin who has volunteered to run against Democrat House Member “Chainsaw” Jack Franks, as Call Skinner calls him, has taken an ugly turn as the McHenry GOP chairman is now trying to work against the expressed will of a portion of his own committeemen who have called a meeting to discuss the matter.

McHenry County GOP Chairman Mike Tyron is sending emails attempting to convince his committeemen not to attend a meeting that has been called by 25% of his committeemen to discuss Franklin’s candidacy.

Tyron, you see, convened a four-member committee to consider Franklin’s candidacy after the party itself failed to bother putting up a candidate of its own to face Democrat Franks. Mrs. Franklin volunteered to run against Franks and sought the party bigwig’s approval. But with Tyron’s guidance, the committee decided to thank Franklin for her interest but let her know in no uncertain terms that she was not wanted as a candidate.

Like too many other Illinois GOP county organizations, having no candidate facing the local Democrat is better than having oneā€¦ well, it’s just inexplicable to me.

As it happened, though, at least 25% of McHenry’s GOP committeemen disagreed with Tyron’s little candidate panel and they called for a meeting to talk more openly about Franklin’s offer to run against Franks.

Now, Cal Skinner reports that Tyron is trying to squelch the meeting properly called under the party rules by sending out threatening emails to his committeemen. Tyron hopes to prevent the needed 40% quorum at the meeting that will give standing to any decisions made there.

Personally I have no opinion about Mrs. Franklin. Tyron says she was not informed on the issues and further claimed she refused to get involved with the McHenry GOP. I have no idea if this is a correct reading of Franklin’s attitude and knowledge or not. In fact, if Tyron is correct in his assessment, I agree with him that Franklin may not be a good candidate anyway.

But, I have two major problems with Tyron, here. First is his total failure to put up a party-approved candidate in the first place (isn’t that his JOB?) and second is his late heavy handed effort to thwart the will of a large segment of his own committeemen.

Instead of denouncing this upcoming meeting, instead of trying to threaten his own people for attending, and instead of failing at his first job — that of slating candidates in the first place — Tyron should welcome this meeting. He should attend and explain why Franklin is unsuitable and then explain why he failed to put up a candidate at all himself.

Personally, I think this whole episode might tend to show that Tyron is the unsuitable one here.

  • Tyron failed to slate candidates to run for office
  • Tyron didn’t ask his committeemen what they thought about Franklin before summarily rejecting her
  • Tyron seems to have no control over his own people
  • Tyron resorts to bullying tactics and boycotting of his own people to win the day

These are not the marks of a leader. These are the attributes of someone that feels entitled to his position and one that acts impulsively and petulantly when his position is questioned.

On the other hand, he may have been totally sideswiped by this whole situation. From here it is hard for me to tell, but things are not looking good, for sure.

All you in McHenry County should be closely watching this matter. The meeting will be held at d’Andrea’s restaurant on June 2 at 9:30 AM. The establishment is located at the corner of Routes 14 and 31 in Crystal Lake.

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