Ill. Tea Party: Eric Cantor is a Deceiver

From the Illinois Tea Party…

To our friends in Indiana


Do not be deceived by the deception being sold to you by Eric Cantor and the Campaign for Primary Accountability (CPA). You have to look no closer than your neighbor next door, Illinois, to see the damage they have caused in our struggling state. This organization has no interest in real reform. They only care about themselves.

In Illinois, CPA summarily inserted itself into our primary election and wanted to defeat Tim Johnson. While Tim Johnson has been in Congress a long time, his voting record is very conservative. So why challenge him, could it be that Tim Johnson voted against Eric Cantor on the debt ceiling so now he needed to take Tim out? Worse yet, CPA tried to name the candidate who should run against Johnson! Why should some organization out of Texas interfere with Illinois politics? Or Indiana for that matter?

We in the Illinois Tea Party combatted this and CPA moved on, to an even more conservative member of congress, Don Manzullo. Records show they spent over $350 thousand dollars in one month to defeat him. His replacement, Adam Kinzinger, simply doesn’t vote as conservatively as Don Manzullo, so why would you want to remove Don? Leader Cantor?

We now come to the vaunted Hoosier state where you have two Republicans running for office. Senator Richard Lugar, who has been in office since 1976, is seeking re-election and frankly is very liberal. You also have Richard Mourdock, the state treasurer, who is considerably the more fiscally responsibly candidate. Who is CPA supporting?

CPA supports the 36 year big government liberal incumbent! To quote the famous football coach Vince Lombardi, “What the hell is going on out here?”

Indiana, we in Illinois will not pull an Eric Cantor or Campaign for Primary Accountability and tell you who to vote for… but what we are saying is that Eric Cantor and CPA are hypocrites and you, each individual, need to do your own due diligence and realize you have a couple snakes in your midst.

Denise Cattoni
State Coordinator, Illinois Tea Party

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