Dear 8th District Voters, Tammy Duckworth Just Called you 'Crackpots'

From the campaign to reelect Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Illinois 8th District)…

You are not a “crackpot” for believing in fiscal responsibility

Tonight’s debate between Congressman Joe Walsh and Tammy Duckworth featured a clear-cut difference between the two candidates. Joe continued to stand for lowering taxes, term limits, balancing our budget, and saving our safety nets. His opponent suggested those notions and the many people like you who believe in them are a “crackpot”.

As expected, Tammy never left her insider-Democrat talking points, but she resorted to the low personal attack of calling believers, like you, in fiscal responsibility “crackpots”.

The Congressman immediately challenged her claim that you are a “crackpot” for believing in those principles. Walsh also continued to stand for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and economic growth throughout the entire debate.

It is critical that we send a message to Tammy Duckworth that “regular people” in the 8th District are not “crackpots” for wanting to renew our country’s greatness and its promise.

Click here to tell Tammy that millions of Americans are not crazy for believing in common sense ideas by making a donation to the campaign.

Walsh For Congress

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