Another Criminal Democrat: State Rep Candidate Arrested for Domestic Battery

-By Warner Todd Huston

First, during the primary the Democrats voted for a State Rep candidate that was in the middle of being charged by the Feds with bribe-taking. Now we find that another Democrat State Rep. candidate has been arrested, this time charged with domestic battery. The Democrat parade of criminals, rejects, anger-management sufferers, and fools continues.

98th District Democrat candidate Natalie Manley, 50, has been arrested for beating up her 21-year-old daughter in Joliet.

Joliet police report that candidate Manley’s daughter said her mother had, “punched, kicked, knocked her to the ground, struck her in the face [and] hit her with a set of keys.”

Naturally, candidate Manley was all of a sudden all interested in keeping her privacy. In a statement, Manley pleaded to be left alone despite her desire for public office.

I am embarrassed for my family and friends and ask that you all respect our need for privacy,” Manley said in the statement. “No family is perfect, and many parents have had to learn how to love their kids while not enabling inappropriate behavior. I continue to thank you for your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Notice, like most Democrats, she isn’t embarrassed by her conduct, just embarrassed her conduct became an embarrassment to her family.

Manley faces Republican Bob Kalnicky in November. If he can’t make hay out of this circus act, he doesn’t deserve to win at all!

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