13th District: Republican Party Background Check Raises more Questions than Answers

-By Jon Zahm

To be a candidate for the Illinois 13th the Party requires the following survey to be filled out.

If the link does not work you can find it under “Party Resources” at www.ilgop.org

The types of questions here are very personal in nature. They ask for information on family members and even raise questions about false arrests that one may have been subject to. It is a fishing expedition, a dirt digging effort that serves to collect information on candidates that could get into the wrong hands. I would not trust the self-appointed Chairman of this Committee, Pat Brady, with this kind of information. After all he himself engaged in fisticuffs with the McLean County State’s Attorney, Charles Reynaud, on November 16, 1995 because he did not like the way a political debate between him and Reynaud had gone that night. Brady proceeded to lose this election and eventually relocated to Kane County. I doubt he would have ever become Republican National Committeeman or State Chairman if many folks knew of his hot temper. Read the whole story here. Plus I received a firsthand threat from this wild man at the DuPage County Lincoln Day Dinner earlier this year when I asked him why he was serving as Campaign Chairman for a known adulterer; a pro-choice, pro-homosexual unions, pro-gun control liberal named Kevin Burns who was running for Kane County Board Chairman against conservative State Senator Chris Lauzen. Fortunately, the voters of Kane County saw through this Brady-Burns campaign and voted for Lauzen 70-30. I helped get the truth out about Burns by filing a FOIA request with the City of Geneva that unveiled over 100 pages of inappropriate at best, illegal at worst, e-mails from City owned assets. Included in this batch were e-mails from Brady using his employer’s e-mail account falsely smearing Senator Lauzen.

How can the candidates who submit this information know that their privacy is protected? How will they know that this information won’t be used against them in a future campaign or employment search? How do they guarantee the integrity and confidentiality skills of the 14 members of this review committee plus Party officials Brady and Jonathan Blessing? Why is there not a single issue based question on this survey? Why not make this a much less personally intrusive survey and then post the answers on a public web site? The Democrats did that when the Lt. Governor position became vacant in 2010. Isn’t Rodney Davis an employee of the State Party and a candidate for the appointment? That will give some people pause.

I am concerned that this process be utterly fair and open. There are good men and women among the 14 Chairmen. Two of whom are John Parrott of McLean County and Terri Koyne of Macoupin County. I am sure there are many others in that group who are solid people. Time will tell over the next 3 weeks on how they all handle the power of this appointment. The first thing they should do is kick Brady out of the process by a majority vote of the 14. His involvement is not needed and certainly adds nothing to the integrity of the process.

Originally posted at The Race for Congress in Illinois’ New 13th.

(Editor note: Cal Skinner also posted on this questionnaire and he included the questions on his post.)

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