With Illinois Unemployment Sky-High, Does Foster Support His Fellow Dems’ Vote to Make it Harder for Small Businesses to Create Jobs?

From the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)…

Illinois Dem’s Party Puts Spending Spree Before Needs of Small Businesses

WASHINGTON — The Illinois unemployment rate for March was announced today at 8.8 percent which comes in the wake of Bill Foster’s fellow Democrats voting against much-needed tax relief for small businesses. Does Bill Foster agree with his party that forcing California small-business owners to face an uphill climb is worth maintaining their commitment to sky-high tax burdens and crushing regulations?

“Illinois’ sky-high unemployment numbers prove that small businesses are in dire need of relief, yet this week Bill Foster’s House Democrat allies’ did nothing but make it even harder for them to hire,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “It is becoming more apparent every day that the tax and spend agenda of Washington Democrats simply isn’t working. Isn’t it time Foster stood but again his party’s backwards priorities and work towards making it easier for Illinois’ small businesses to grow and hire more workers?”

In March, Illinois’ unemployment rate remained unacceptably high at 8.8 percent. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/20/2012)

Washington Democrats’ harsh regulations and wasteful spending addiction has handicapped small-business owners and as a result the American labor market has come to a halt:

“More evidence emerged Thursday that the recovery might be losing momentum, as new claims for jobless benefits fell less than expected in the last week.”

“Combined with the most recent jobs report, which showed the economy added a disappointing 120,000 jobs in March, it paints a picture of a labor market, and perhaps an economy, that is losing the steam it exhibited earlier in the year.” (Peter Schroeder, “Jobless claims remain high as evidence mounts of stalled labor market, The Hill, April 19, 2012)


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