William Kelly, A Gadfly on the Attack

Some more reaction to William Kelly’s campaign to expose what he contends are faux conservatives in Illinois…

-By John Dyslin, Chicago Conservative Examiner

I’ve thought long and hard about whether I should write about conservative gadfly William Kelly and his assault on various conservatives and conservative groups. I’ve never met William Kelly. I just know him via others, various Facebook posts, and Kelly’s association with Chicago Democrat Sean Morrison. It seems Kelly has learned a thing or two from Morrison: How to smear others and distort reality.

What seems to have set Kelly off is that he ran for Republican Committeeman in the 42nd Ward of Chicago. WLS Radio host and former Republican candidate for governor Dan Proft endorsed one of Kelly’s opponents: Tom Smithburg. Neither Kelly nor Smithburg won against the incumbent committeeman in the March 20 election. Since Proft endorsed Smithburg over Kelly, Kelly has gone on the attack against Proft. Because Proft is affiliated with the Illinois Policy Institute – a conservative, free-market think tank – Kelly has expanded his attacks o the Illinois Policy Institute and its CEO, John Tillman.

Kelly now claims via his own blog, Kelly’s Truth Squad, and his recently created Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform that the Illinois Policy Institute is in cahoots with George Soros, in cahoots with Democratic Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, and is not a conservative organization.

The Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform, a shell outfit seemingly created by William Kelly to launch his attacks, says it is a “nonpartisan watchdog to spotlight unethical campaign finance activities and illegal and corrupt government practices.” However, ALL of the “investigations” are about Dan Proft, WLS, the Illinois Policy Institute and John Tillman. Now, this is Illinois. With all the nefarious activities by Democrats in Illinois, one would think that people like Michael Madigan, Pat Quinn, John Cullerton, or the Cook County Democratic Machine would at the very least warrant some investigation by this Illinois Citizens for Ethics Reform, right? Nope, all the targets seem to be people who allegedly wronged William Kelly….

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