Treasurer Rutherford Asks You to Weigh in on Taxes Some Want to Raise‏

From Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford…

The financial health of our state is my top priority as State Treasurer. People have expressed concern that no one asks their opinion or takes it into consideration, especially when it comes to taxes. I am going to change that.

There are those in Springfield who are looking to raise taxes and fees, again. I am not a supporter of tax increases. I am posting a survey on my political website, so no tax dollars are involved, to gain insight on this matter. I am not advocating these raises. I appreciate you taking time to participate. The link to it is

I invite you to share the link with others. The more feedback we receive, the better. All information provided is confidential.

If you participate in the survey, you will receive an email letting you know when the results are posted. I will also keep you abreast as attempts are made on any tax increases.

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