The Hultgren Huddle - April 21st Edition‏

From the office of Rep. Randy Hultgren (R, Illinois 14th District)…

I’m proud to report that on Thursday, the House of Representatives once again demonstrated its commitment to America’s small businesses by passing a 20 percent tax cut for them. As I travel across the 14th District, I hear again and again from small business owners about what they need to hire workers and grow their businesses – namely low taxes and reasonable regulations. Our tax cut bill, H.R. 9, passed with broad bipartisan support and will help create new jobs in the 14th District for hardworking Illinoisans. It’s now headed to the Senate, where I hope they’ll quickly pass it.

In other news this week, I took a moment to stand outside the Capitol on Tuesday and watch the Space Shuttle Discovery on its final flight to the Smithsonian, where it will be on display for future generations of Americans. Unfortunately, when I take my kids to see Discovery, I won’t be able to tell them what comes next. Our nation does not have a serious space strategy for the future, and to me that is deeply disappointing. Space exploration is not only a matter of scientific discovery, it speaks to America’s exceptionalism. With the end of the space shuttle era, we are now reliant on Russian rockets to take American astronauts into orbit, but I hope in the near future Americans will once again blast off in vehicles proudly displaying the stars and stripes.

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