Smart Girls On the Left’s Political Manipulation of Women

Smart Girl Politics Action says left has declared “war on women” and Administration is pandering

(Arlington, VA – April 3, 2012) – Today, Smart Girl Politics Action (SGPA) releases a new video to counter the left’s so-called “war on women”. SGPA asks why this Administration has been trying to distract women from the real issues of this election season, by instead focusing on things like contraception. At the same time, the White House laughably calls for a forum to laud the strength of the Administration’s economic policies, particularly their benefits to women.

“Women are smart enough to know that we have bigger issues in this country than paying for our birth control. Women, especially moms, are feeling the effects of this economy and rising gas and food prices every day,” says Stacy Mott, Founder and President of SGPA.

“Women are tired of the political manipulation of this White House. We know when we are being pandered and played to, and we will no longer allow this discussion to focus on the concerns of a small segment of the women in this country. Women are far more concerned with the lack of action from this Administration and a do-nothing Congress when it comes to jobs, rising energy prices, and our national security”, added the group’s co-founder, Teri Christoph.

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Smart Girl Politics Action is the voice of the conservative woman. Formed after the 2008 Presidential election by a stay-at-home mom, SGPA is now a nationwide grassroots conservative movement dedicated to empowering, educating, and engaging women to be more involved in politics. Smart Girl Politics recently launched a new women’s voter outreach campaign in nineteen states focused on increasing the conservative women’s vote. The campaign also strives to bring women together to discuss solutions to today’s real problems.

About SGP: Smart Girl Politics Action (, a 501c(4), is a national grassroots conservative women’s organization of almost 50,000 members committed to reaching out to conservative women and encouraging them to get involved in the political process.

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