New GOP Chairman Del Mar: Typical Chicago Joke on GOP or Promising Newcomer?

-By Warner Todd Huston

The Cook County GOP has a new Chairman. This week the Cook County GOP committeemen got together and by a slim margin voted in a young, virtual newcomer as their GOP Chairman.

Aaron Del Mar, 34, was given the nod to usher the Cook GOP into its next phase. But what sort of phase will that be? Me, I fear that he is yet another stealth Democrat foisted on long-suffering Republicans by the Combine.

I fear picking Del Mar is a typical Chicago-styled farce, a dark comedy perpetrated on Republicans once again. Why would I say that? Let’s look at his past — and at 34 his past is only minutes old!

First let’s look at his voting record, shall we? Let’s point out that Mr. Del Mar never voted Republican in his short, little life until 2010! It was in 2010 that he suddenly ran for GOP committeeman in Palatine. He won despite that only in 2008 he was a committed liberal that supported Hillary Clinton and even helped her with a fundraiser during her failed campaign for the Democrat nomination for President that year.

How did this Democrat win the GOP committeeman seat? He was lucky enough to run when Gary Skoien, the guy that was the committeeman at the time, got caught in a sex scandal and made a fool of himself leaving the door wide open for just about anyone that wanted to unseat him as committeeman to win.

So, this young man goes from being a committed left-wing, Democrat supporting Hillary Clinton in 2008 to suddenly being the GOP committeeman two years later and on to chairman of the whole county apparatus only two years after that. How is this even possible? Why aren’t solid, real, loyal Republicans that have worked to build the party becoming Chairman of the Cook GOP?

Perhaps because there is no such creature out there? Who has been trying to build a real Cook County GOP? I certainly can’t think of anyone.

So, we end up with a guy that was a liberal Democrat only a few short years ago becoming our party chairman. Nonsense like this is why people find the Chicago GOP such an amusing animal… and such a joke.

I mean, let’s put this in stark terms: Imagine if the GOP ran Bill Clinton as its presidential nominee in 2016. Seems to me that it would be similar to what just happened with Mr. Del Mar.

Now, I most certainly hope that this young man shocks me and becomes a great GOP chairman, one that FINALLY gets the Cook GOP to start actually putting up candidates for office — quite unlike the one we have now that puts up no one for anything.

I really wish Mr. Del Mar luck (only if he wants to be a REAL Republican, tough), but let me say that any loyal Republican should look at this guy with a jaundiced eye due to his very recent past.

You have an awful lot to prove, Mr. Del Mar. Please, please show us you aren’t a Combine member that is more interested in pushing stealth left-wingers pretending to be Republicans on us than actually building a real and vibrant Cook County Republican organization.

The fact is there are more Republicans in Cook County than practically anywhere else in the state if only due to the mass of population here. We haven’t been represented for decades. Being one of them, I so much want to finally have a party that represents me, not one that is happy with the scraps from the Democrat’s corrupt dinner table, one willing to be the Democrat’s lapdog.

With your past I have no expectations, Mr. Del Mar. Still, I have my fingers crossed.

But why should we be in a position to feel that this is a crap shoot in the first place? Why are any of us in a position of looking askance at our leaders, not just for their effectiveness but for their very worthiness for even being among us? How is it possible that we could even doubt that the guy that just became our chairman is even one of us at all? Shouldn’t at least that question be one we don’t even have to ask?

Anyway, Mr. Del Mar has been really making a name for himself as a Republican the last two or three years. For me, though, he has not been around long enough for me to have confidence that he’s really is a Republican. It simply amazes me that a man with such a shaky background could rise so darn fast to the chairmanship of a whole county’s political party when only a few years ago he opposed that very party!

I mean the very thought of this is so entirely absurd.

No wonder people want out of this state.

But let me end this by saying I am not predicting or asserting that Mr. Del Mar is a bad choice for this position. I am only saying there is no way for the rank and file — and me — to be comfortable that he will be a good choice given his very, very recent stance as a liberal Democrat and his complete lack of any time in as a Republican.

Not only does it seem that he hasn’t paid his dues but… well, I think you get my position at this point. Suffice to say that I really do hope we’ll finally see a real Cook County GOP built here and if Mr. Del Mar is the man that does this, then he has my thanks. But, as I said, Mr. Del Mar, you have an awful lot to live down, an awful lot to prove.

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