Illinois GOP’s money transfers demand some answers

-By Doug Ibendahl

The Illinois Republican Party’s latest financial disclosure report filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections demands some answers from State Party Chairman Pat Brady and other party officials.

I’m not prepared to call it money laundering – yet. However, in my legal opinion there are multiple serious issues raised by the money flows detailed below.

For now we’ll just lay out the facts. All of the information below comes directly from financial disclosure reports filed with the State Board of Elections. You can review them yourself HERE.

A couple of quick legal points to keep in mind as you review the summary below. Under Illinois law, an individual’s contributions to a “political party committee” like the Illinois Republican Party are limited to $10,000 during an election cycle. (A corporation can contribute a maximum of $20,000 and a political action committee can contribute a maximum of $50,000 in one election cycle to a political party committee.) Also, in all cases the recipient committee must report any receipt of a contribution of $1,000 or more within 5 business days to the State Board of Elections (called a Schedule A-1 filing). If it’s within 30 days prior to an election, the committee must report the receipt within two business days…

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