Gay Lobby Pushing to 'Help' Dee Beaubien Get Elected

-By Warner Todd Huston

In yet another example of why we need to destroy Dee Beaubien’s attempt to run as an independent for the 52nd District House seat, the gay lobby is sending out emails to supporters for them to help her get elected.

As Cal Skinner reports at his fine McHenry County Blog, the extremist gay activist group Equality Illinois is trying to raise volunteers and cash for Beaubien’s run for the state House.

Last week I wrote that Beaubien had only one issue in her campaign; her pro-abortion views. But now we can see she has a second. And maybe even a third in her regal assumption that the 52nd District seat somehow belongs to her family (her husband died in office holding that seat last year).

This woman needs to be defeated, folks. All you in the 52nd District need to support rightful primary winner Dave McSweeney He is the man for the 52nd District.

Dee Beaubien is not in any way at all a Republican much less a conservative.She misrepresented herself as a Republican for years and now she is trying to ply Republican contacts to get herself elected against all the ideas her constituents support.

Finally, I’ll reiterate this: the Illinois GOP must stand up strongly for the man that won their primary process. The Ill. GOP had better come to the support of McSweeney loudly and forcefully of they are setting up a war within the party.

Check out the McHenry County Blog to see the gay group’s message to its supporters.

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