Dems Develop Energy in Brazil and Stifle it in America: Does that Make Sense to Ill Rep. Foster?

From the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)…

President Obama’s Meeting with Brazilian President Today is a Reminder of Foster Democrat Allies’ Backwards Priorities

WASHINGTON — As energy prices continue to soar in Illinois and across the country, Bill Foster’s Washington Democrat allies energy policies continue to draw more scrutiny. When President Obama meets today with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, it will simply serve as a reminder that Washington Democrats have actively encouraged other countries to develop their energy resources, but refuse to do the same here to placate their activist donor base. On the day of this energy summit at the White House, will Foster push his Democrat leaders to promote a true “all the above” energy policy domestically and not just in foreign countries?

“Today’s energy summit with the Brazilian President is just another reminder that Democrat leaders in Washington have exactly the wrong priorities when it comes to energy independence and energy production,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Will Foster use this opportunity to distance himself from his fellow Democrats in order to support a real ‘all the above’ energy policy in America?”

President Obama is meeting with the Brazilian President today for a meeting on energy:

“President Obama and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will have energy on their agenda when they meet at the White House Monday. The two presidents in March of 2011 announced a ‘Strategic Energy Dialogue’ when Obama visited Brazil, one of several joint initiatives.” (Ben Geman, “Obama, Brazilian president to hold talks on energy partnership,” The Hill’s E2 Wire Blog, 4/8/12)

This will surely remind people that President Obama has actively encouraged Brazil to develop their energy resources:

“A top Energy Department official will travel to Brazil next week to launch a high-level partnership aimed at developing the South American country’s oil-and-gas resources.” (Andrew Restuccia, “Obama administration to launch Brazil energy partnership next week,” The Hill’s E2 Wire Blog, 8/12/11)

At the same time, American oil production on federal lands has been dropping under the Obama Administration:

“In 2010, EIA data show, 726 million barrels of oil came from federal lands, including offshore wells. In 2011, it was 626. That’s a drop of 13.77 percent, which can be rounded to 14 percent.” (Stephen Koff, “Rob Portman says oil production on public lands was down 14 percent in 2011,”, 4/2/12)

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