Dee Beaubien: Hey, Guys, Let's Screw With Illinois Republicans!

Dee Beaubien is the widow of former State Representative Mark Beaubien and apparently she grew to like the political life a little too much. Now scuttlebutt is that she wants to run for her hubby’s former seat in November. (So says Cal Skinner)

Mark Beaubien passed away while in office last year and Tom Cross operative Kent Gaffney was appointed to Beaubien’s 52nd District seat t fill the remainder of the term. Unfortunately for Mr. Gaffney, in the recent primary he lost his bid for election in his own right to David McSweeney.

So, now that the primaries are over and we have a GOP nominee and a Democrat nominee, what does ol’ Dee do? She sticks her finger in the GOP’s eye and announces an independent bid for the 52nd District seat.

Worse, she’s being bankrolled by a political action committee that supports infanticide.

As Skinner has it, “Terry Cosgrove’s pro-abortion Political Action Committee, Personal PAC… will be the force behind Dee Beaubien’s campaign.”

Now I know what you are wondering: will the state party support the guy that won the actual nomination or will it support this abortion-supporting interloper, Dee Beaubien?

Well, once again according to Skinner: “The incoming Chairman of the House Republican Organization, State Rep. Ed Sullivan, wrote:”

“I just wanted you to know on the record coming from the new Chairman of HRO that Tom Cross and HRO will be 100% with David McSweeney.”

You can check out Skinner’s post to see where the money for Dee’s insurgant campaign will be coming from.

But, at this far distance from when the November polls open I’d warn anyone away from imagining that the state party will fully support the conservative McSweeney. After all, he beat the establishment’s fair haired boy (Gaffney) and that is cause enough the fickle and self-interested GOP establishment to turn on him whether he won the nomination fair and square or not. Our state party is not known for either it’s fairness, it’s big interest in the will of the voters, or propriety all too often.

So, I’ll ask again… will the state party stick with the real GOP nominee (that would be David McSweeney) or will it stampede to the abortion-supporting interloper (that would be Dee Beaubien)? Inquiring minds want to know.

Me, I hope the Illinois GOP has the respect of the ballot box to fully support its nominee, but we are all right to be skeptical.


Cal Skinner has more on Beaubien’s expenditures: Beaubien Campaign Disclosure Report Gives More Evidence of Desired Candidacy

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