Beaubien Positioning Herself as Establishment Shill

-By Warner Todd Huston

Last week Dee Beaubien, widow of past 52nd District Representative Mark Beaubien, was floating trial balloons among establishment Republicans, about running as a quasi-independent against rightful GOP nominee Dave McSweeney in November. But it looks like a new law recently passed will stop her cynical act in its tracks.

Cal Skinner of McHenry County Blog was alerted by one of his readers to House Bill 2009 and reading it was thought to nix Mrs. Beaubien’s attempt to abscond with the 52nd District seat.

HB 2009 is another one of those “sour grapes” bills that was passed to prevent some losing primary opponent from attempting to run against the actual nominee by pretending to be an independent candidate. (See Skinner’s post for the bill’s language)

Essentially the new law signed into law by the Governor at the end of March prevents someone that didn’t run in a primary — but who voted for the party of the eventual nominee — from suddenly running as an independent after the primaries are over.

As Skinner notes, Dee Beaubien heavily supported losing candidate Kent Gaffney (with both endorsements and at least $12,400 in contributions) so it is likely that she also voted for Gaffney in the primary and if that is so this new law pertains to her.

The question is, if this new law has already kicked in and will it cover this coming election? Considering that it was meant to save the butt of a Democrat, it is probable that it took effect immediately.

Ah, but the plot thickens. Doing more investigation, Skinner found that Dee Beaubien didn’t vote for her man Gaffney in the primary. In fact, she only voted for the local referendums! So, perhaps this law doesn’t apply to her after all.

One is tempted to believe that Beaubien’s actions are meant as a last ditch effort of establishment Republicans to prevent the actual nominee of the party — conservative Dave McSweeney — from getting elected.

If the GOP doesn’t stand four-square behind its actual nominee, Dave McSweeney, then why do we have any primaries at all? If the establishment is going to stick their favored, shill candidates on ballots even after the elections, then why bother having elections at all?

Why don’t we just have the establishment pick who we are allowed to vote for and be done with this whole sham that we, the voters, have a choice?

Worse, Dee Beaubien is being supported by an abortion pushing personal PAC. Will the establishment types allow an infanticide supporter to sneak onto the ballot just so they can be rid of a conservative like McSweeney?

Is having an infanticide supporter better than having a conservative in office? Will the party stand for this?

The ball is in your court, Dee. What new nasty trick do you have up your sleeve?

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