Treasurer Rutherford Endorses Committeeman Eloise Gerson, Committeeman

The following is a letter from State Treasurer Dan Rutherford to 42nd Ward Republicans:

As you may know, I became Illinois State Treasurer in the last election and was the first Republican elected on the state-wide stage in quite sometime. I was told that if I did not get at least 20 percent the vote in the City of Chicago, I would not win. I worked the City, my friends worked the City and we surpassed that mark and won.

One of the hardest working Republicans in Chicago who helped me accomplish this was Eloise Gerson, the 42nd Ward Republican Committeeman. Of the 50 Wards in Chicago, the 42nd Ward where, you live, gave me the second highest plurality in the City (46). Eloise works tirelessly. She is respected and reaches out to Republicans of diverse backgrounds, ethnicity and religions.

I am glad Eloise Gerson is willing to step up and continue to build the Republican Party in Chicago and the 42nd Ward. She is running for re-election as GOP Ward Committeeman. I support her and ask you to vote for her as your GOP Ward Committeeman in early voting or by close of the polls on Primary day March 20.

Thank you. Here is to continuing to build our foothold of Republicans in the City of Chicago.

Dan Rutherford
Illinois State Treasurer

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