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This week on Champion News Talk Radio, hosts Jack Roeser and Carol Parisi are joined by Jim Edwards, Executive Director of the Illinois Republican Renaissance PAC. Jim discusses this past Tuesday’s primary election results, and how the RRPAC and Repulican Party take Values to Victory in 2012.


How Illinois Democrats Shut out the Voters: In the state Senate alone, 15 of the 35 Democratic members were initially handed their seats by political bosses, not voters. A prime example: A.J. Wilhelmi was appointed to the Senate in 2005 to replace Larry Walsh, who became Will County executive. Walsh had appointed himself to the seat in 1997 when then-state Sen. Thomas Dunn stepped down to become a judge.

We can’t Separate Social Policies from Tax Laws: Every part of your income tax return that you will file by April 15 is a manifestation of social policy. It’s social policy that we can deduct gifts to charitable and religious organizations on our tax return. It’s social policy to allow us to postpone taxes on our accounts set up for retirement.


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